Email marketing is a convenient and affordable way to connect with your current and potential customer base directly. It is the most successful way of keeping your current customers returning and converting those who have only expressed interest. 

This method of direct marketing began in 1978 when the first mass marketing email was sent to 400 people and brought in over $13 million in sales. Since then, it has only gained in popularity and effectiveness. 

What Does Email Marketing Do for Businesses?

What your email marketing campaign accomplishes depends mainly on the type of marketing email campaign you run. Email marketing campaigns can provide value to your customer list, promote a new product or promotion, and turn customers on the fence into sales. All of these things work together to boost your overall revenue significantly. 

Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletter campaigns build relationships with your email list by providing relevant value to your followers. Providing value to your followers is one of the essential elements of digital marketing. For example, you can provide value by sending how-to guides relevant to your products, the first look at a new product, etc. Newsletters can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or even touch base with your customer list. 

Acquisition Campaigns

Companies use acquisition email campaigns to reach out to potential customers who have expressed interest but haven’t quite committed yet. These emails can include new customer offers, cart reminders, or anything highlighting the perks of choosing your business. 

Retention Campaigns

Retention campaigns help you stay valuable to your customers that have already used your products or services. These are used to show your customers that they are valuable to you by offering them a perk for being loyal customers, asking them about their previous experience, and so on. 

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional email campaigns are exactly what they sound like. These emails generally push a specific offering from your business to encourage sales. This could include an exclusive discount or perk for taking action in a specified timeframe. 

How Do I Get Started with Email Marketing? 

Ready to get started with email marketing? In that case, it’s as simple as getting your list of leads together, creating content that grabs your customer’s interest, and finding the best method of delivering your emails.  


Create an Email Lead List 

The most common way of generating email leads is through your business’s website. Most customers will opt-in to receive updates from your business when they purchase from you. Others browsing your site out of curiosity may also opt-in to get updates or special offers, even if they aren’t ready to commit. 

These leads are considered warm leads and are much more valuable than any email list loaded with cold leads you could buy. In addition, if they’ve already expressed interest in your business, it is much more likely that your email will convert. 

You will usually get more of this type of lead if you have a pop-up on your site that encourages guests to enter their email. You can encourage them to provide their email to receive something that will appeal to them, such as a coupon, free shipping, or another valuable item. 

Create Valuable Content

Even with the best email list, filled with the most dedicated customers, your campaign will not yield a successful result if you send out messages that look like spam. As you probably know, from receiving this type of email yourself, the receiver will instantly disregard the message. But of course, that’s assuming it makes it to their inbox and isn’t automatically redirected to their junk folder. 

Successful emails will be engaging and personalized. Content that shows your customer that they are an individual to your business, rather than just another email on your contact list, will increase their loyalty to your company and encourage them to accept the offer. 

It’s best to break your list into categories as best you can to tailor your messages sent to specific types of customers, so they receive emails relevant to their needs and interests.

Efficiently Deliver Your Emails

If you don’t already have a way of managing your email campaigns, finding a good management tool will help simplify your email marketing experience.

Market Effectively in the Future

However, before you choose, make sure you have an accurate estimate of the number of emails you plan to send. This will ensure that you find software that will allow you to meet your goals while staying in your desired price range. 

You’ll also want to look into the software’s features, such as scheduling emails ahead of time or setting up triggered automatic messages.

Light Vision Group offers email marketing services that include list building, content creation, email management, and data analytics. 

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